We know that understanding Disney Lorcana card parts can be a bit tricky at first, but we’re here to break down every nook and cranny of your cards!

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Card Identity

First let’s look at how to distinguish the cards you have from others.


Of course you’ll need to know the name of your card, but to help differentiate it from the other styles of the same character, check out their variant name. Mickey Mouse Leader of the Band is very different from Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor.

When all else fails, look at the card art to see how each card is different!


This is another way to group certain cards. Some cards have abilities that affect only Villains, Heroes, for example, so it’s important to keep an eye on this section.

Ink Icon & Banner

In Lorcana, there are 6 colours of ink, Amber, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Steel. The icon on the card’s left shows that colour’s symbol, while the banner over the name is in the colour of that ink. These colours inform a lot about how a card is designed to play, which you can check out on our Ink Colours article!


There are 5 rarity types which you can distinguish by the icon at the bottom of the card!


Now let’s look at the parts of the card you’ll need to be familiar with when playing the game!


This number refers to how much ink you’ll need from your Inkwell to exert to play this card. Curious how this works? Learn more about exerting and how to play Disney Lorcana on our blog!


Some cards will have this golden ring around their ink cost. This means that this card can be discarded into your inkwell and used as a resource.


When this card is used to challenge another card, this number is dealt as damage to the other card’s Willpower. Cards with high Strength are great for taking out your opponent’s exerted characters.


Basically a character’s HP. When this number hits 0, this card is banished to the discard pile. Cards with high Willpower are great for defending against questing opponents, and can buy you enough time to strategize (or win!)

Maui Demigod

Did you know? Steel cards generally have the highest Willpower!


Arguably the most important part of a Disney Lorcana card as these are the special abilities that cards can do to affect the game. To make a good deck, pick cards with abilities that complement each other!


These are essentially abilities, but because a lot of cards have this same ability, a keyword is able to act as a shorthand for it.


These diamond symbols equal to how much Lore this card gets when you send it on a Quest. The goal of the game is to get 20, so the more Lore the merrier!


Other than characters, Disney Lorcana also sports different card types. They generally have the same parts as a character card, where the key difference is how they’ll interact with the playing field.


These are generally one-off cards where once you resolve playing them, they go to your discard pile.

Songs are a subset of Action cards, where you can have a character sing the song by exerting them rather than paying its ink cost.

You can also sing the song yourself for fun!


These cards act a lot like your character cards where they stay on the field after you play them. They don’t usually have Lore for you to quest with, but have powerful abilities that can get you ahead.


Unveiled in the third set, Into the Inklands, Locations feature familiar Disney settings.

What makes them uniquely powerful is that locations generate Lore at the start of every turn! The main drawback is that they’re always exerted (hence the landscape view), meaning they can be challenged every turn. That’s why locations only have Willpower and no Strength.

Characters can move to a location by paying the Move Cost on the left hand side. Depending on the location and the character, this can open up new ways for winning!

READY TO play?

And that’s every Disney Lorcana card part PLUS the different types of cards (so far!) Keep your eyes peeled, because there’s still new sets to come and cards along with it. Speaking of which, have you ordered your cards yet? Get your booster boxes locked in before we sell out!