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So you want to run a game store…

As you might have heard, we opened our first US store about three months ago, in downtown Indianapolis. This has been a goal of ours for some time and we are delighted with its progress. We have been looking at a few states for our 2nd store and time and again, Atlanta Georgia comes up as an option we should be taking a good hard look at. I visited Atlanta a couple of months back and while there certainly are some great game shops there, it feels like a city that could support a Good Games store.

Ordinarily we find a city, identify an area, find premises, fit-out the store and then find a great manager to run and grow the business. For Good Games Atlanta, we thought we might try something a little different. We would like to talk to folks who think they have what it takes to run a game store strong in Organized Play and retail and to drive that business. Perhaps someone who might like to own a store one day and sees this as an opportunity to get into the industry. And certainly, someone who knows Atlanta and knows the gaming scene there.

As I said, we haven’t yet settled on a location however that work is in progress and, once we have the perfect spot in Atlanta, we want to hit the ground running. Our expectation is that once we have a storefront our manager would be heavily involved in fit-out, hiring, and promotional decisions and of course running the business. It is our hope to be up and running in Atlanta early 2017.

I think this could be the perfect opportunity for the right person and if this is of interest to you, or someone you know, I would love to hear from you/them. Please email me an expression of interest along with a note on why you feel you might be the Good Games store manager we are looking for in Atlanta. Or for that matter in other US cities…

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