Shop Assistants must perform many duties and responsibilities to support both the front and back end of the retail environment at Good Games Top Ryde. The following are the main (but not all) duties you’ll be expected to carry out.

Customer Service
You’ll need to be aware of the store’s procedures and policies so that you can answer customer enquiries.
You’ll need to be confident in greeting customers and selling to them in appropriate ways.
You will also need to help customers find items on the Sales Floor. The sales floor of most shops is constantly rotating based on current stock and promotions. Shop Assistants have to be aware of each product’s location and maintain product knowledge for everything sold in the shop.
Inform customers of current promotions. You’ll be part of the shop’s sales force. You must maintain knowledge of the current promotions and ensure every customer you interact with is aware of the promotions.

Process and Back Stock Shipment
At Good Games, Shop Assistants work on the stock team to receive shipments each day. Part of these duties will include scanning in the boxes and processing the products based on company standards.

Perform Opening and Closing Housekeeping Tasks
You’ll be performing basic housekeeping tasks necessary to get a store back in shape after a day of business. This includes windexing windows and mirrors, dusting fixtures, and vacuuming/mopping the shop floor amongst other cleaning. It also involves restocking the shop floor, and ensuring all products are merchandised according to company standards.

Run Events
You’ll be responsible for running events in our stores, including registering players, maintaining the event using specialised software, administering community rules to ensure a positive experience, and allocating prizes.


Please email your CV and cover letter to:

Your cover letter should include your reasons for applying for the Casual Shop Assistant Role and address any prior experience you have working in retail and/or events management.

Please also include your background with tabletop gaming if any, and tell us what your favourite tabletop game is!

Application cut off date is: 23 May