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Hello all! Welcome to our new Commander format which we hope will be inclusive of all players and deck styles!

Cost: A booster of your choice
Time: 6:30pm
Rounds: 3x 1hr rounds on Tuesdays and 2×1.5hr rounds on Thursdays.
Prizes: Each event will see two-thirds of the players (depending on player numbers) randomly win some promos!

When you sign up for this event you will be asked to tick a box that most applies to you. The options are:
Beginner- This is for those players who are still unsure of the rules, have a preconstructed deck with minimal changes, and/or have been playing for less than 6 months. Beginners will be podded together along with a more experienced player who can help answer questions or deal with rules queries during the game. Should numbers not allow this to happen, beginners will be podded next to experienced players who can answer questions and deal with rules queries.
Intermediate- This will be for a majority of our players. If you have been playing for over 6 months, have more than a preconstructed deck, and are fairly confident with the rules, this is the box to tick. You will be podded with similar players and if you would like to request certain other players in your pod, we will do our best to accommodate.
Advanced- This is for those players who enjoy short, sharp games of Commander. Infinite combos are the go and players are competent with rules, interactions, and the stack. This is not recommended for players without decks built for this level of play. As there will be fewer numbers playing this tier, let us know if you want to play intermediate after the first round or if you want to continue playing for the night in the same pod/s.
Teaching- This is for those players with an intermediate or beginner tier deck who are more competent with the rules and are happy to teach the beginners. You will be podded with 2/3 other beginners for around. As a thank you, all of our teachers that help a beginners pod will get a second entry into the wheel of names. If we have more teachers than spots, we will pod you in the Tier of your choice.
We highly recommend bringing multiple decks if you have them, this will give us flexibility if we have odd numbers and will give the best chance of enjoyable games for all!
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