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Hello Good Gamers and welcome to Rockingham’s MTG Commander League.
Entry is $5 per event and we have one event starting at 4:30pm, and another at 6:30pm.
Each event will have either two or three games depending on the day and time.
Each event will get you a raffle ticket entry, which at the end of the season will be added to a “Wheel of Names” where one lucky winner will take home the majority of the collective pot of Store Credit.
Out of the $5 entry, $3 will go to give out prizes on the day and the $2 will be added up until the end of the season, forming the prize pool.
Players will also be asked at the end of the season for the player they have enjoyed playing against the most as well as the funniest deck they played against.
The player/deck with the most votes will take home a share of the prize pool too.
We look forward to seeing you play soon!
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