It’s official! Good Games is launching its Grading services in partnership with Premier Card Grading (PCG) on Thursday 27 January 2022.

We are days away from the launch of our full scale Grading service – offering community designed labels with a modern look, custom created cases that are ultra sonically welded to keep your cards safe/secure and a premium website that offers catalogued card submissions, plus a live order tracker so you can see exactly what stage of Grading your card is in. For collectors, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade and realise your TCG collection’s true value.


For those unfamiliar with grading, here’s a crash course.

What is Grading?

Card grading takes your collection to the next level.

Collectors send their cards to professional grading services to have them inspected for authenticity and graded on a scale based on the condition of the card. We then seal your card in a high-quality case to preserve the value of your card.

The Grading Scale is an overall description of the final grade. Each description showcases the physical condition of the final card. Here are examples of two of the highest grades your cards can achieve.



Why grade your collection?

Grading adds value to your TCG collection.

By having cards graded by experts in the field, your cards are proven as authentic and ranked in a scale recognised internationally. This boosts your card’s worth from an ungraded card and enables collectors to get the true value out of their cards across consistent grades.


Why choose Premier Card Grading by Good Games?

We’re on a mission to deliver a world class grading service, providing assurance and confirmation of value for collectors.

Our systems are recognised internationally and executed by different collectors all trained towards producing quality grading. Good Games has over 15 years of expertise in serving the TCG community not just in Australia, but worldwide. Working with PCG allows us to provide not just grading services from a trustworthy source, but be a part of a ranking scale that is recognised and used internationally.  This service will enable collectors to get the true value out of their cards across consistent grades, wherever you take your collection.

Plus, being based in Australia you can rest assured that your cards will have a safer valuation journey. Boost the value of your cards without the risk of overseas shipping!

Head to the PCG website to upgrade your collection today!