Whether you’re looking for co-op, competitive, casual, or cards, there are some incredible games releases in 2022! Today we’re looking at 5 board games we’re most excited about, hitting shelves at your local Good Games in 2022.

All the games discussed below were kickstarted, so they’ve been supported by people who know and love games. Plus, every one more than doubled their initial goal, with some reaching over 10 times their required backing!

The Spill

1-4 players
50 mins

The Spill is a co-op game on a mission! With unique “reverse tower-defense” game play, you and your team will work together to stop a disastrous oil spill and save the threatened marine life.

Each player takes the role of a unique member of your joint task force, using your individual skills to contain the waste flowing from a blown oil rig. Players take turns sailing their ships around the map, pushing back oil or saving sea creatures, and doing enough of either unlocks further abilities. Work together to stop the disaster, before the storm rolls in.

The Spills’ unique system is perfect for families and game nights, and its surprisingly intuitive system promises quick setup and high stakes. Not to mention, it has a single-player mode! Perfect for isolation or getting some practice in before family game night. And not only is the game great for you, but the ocean too! The creators have followed through with their dedication to ocean conservation and pledged to donate a portion of on-going sales to Oceana!

And for all the teachers out there; The Smirk and Dagger team behind The Spill have created a series of lesson plans to accompany the game. What better way to make ocean conservation more engaging for your classroom?

The Spill has all the comfort of a co-op game and all the pressure of an impending end. Keep your eyes peeled, cause The Spill will be hitting Good Games shelves in April.

Paint the Roses

2-5 players
50 – 70 mins

Don’t be deceived by the cute art style; Paint the Roses has some incredible gameplay for kids and adults alike. It’s co-operative puzzle elements tied with the deduction style make a high stakes game you can play again and again!

In this Alice in Wonderland themed game, you’ll play as gardeners trying to deduce how the Queen wants her roses painted, hopefully before you meet the end of her axe. The beauty of this game comes through in its limited communication mechanic. Each player has a whim card they must kept secret, detailing incomplete knowledge of what colours the Queens wants her roses. Together, you all have enough information to successfully complete the garden, but the catch is, you can’t reveal the information on your card. Instead, players take turns placing down one shrub tile each on the board, and once all are down, indicating through clue tokens how many placements match their whim card. Then together, players try to guess what symbols are on each other’s whim card. Guess right and you move further down the garden path; get it wrong and the Queen gets closer, and faster.

Paint the Roses is an easy game to pick up but is surprisingly intense, contrary to it’s beautiful and colourful art style. A great game for slightly larger groups, and with simple yet intriguing mechanics, it’s perfect for family nights or playing with a few friends. Not to mention, the success of its Kickstarter has allowed North Star Games to begin work on some amazing looking expansions, featuring the Alice in Wonderland Characters you know and love. Paint the Roses is due to release in April of 2022, so get your paint brushes ready!

Epic Seven Arise

1-4 players
40-90 min

Epic Seven Arise is the fantasy themed strategy game I have been dreaming of! With well thought out game play (in and out of combat), and a beautiful art style, what more could you want? Did I mention, it’s also anime themed? Cause it’s anime themed!!

Epic Seven Arise is a competitive semi-co-op strategy game, and though it’s based off a mobile game you don’t need any prior knowledge to give this one a try. Players assemble as a band of heroes created by the Goddess of Life to protect the Seventh World. This campaign game plays out in episodes, as if you’re playing through a fantasy anime! Moving across the modular game board, you’ll battle monsters, explore new areas, and undertake side quests. Combat is card-driven but has a unique team dynamic as the heroes fight to keep their friends alive, while trying to become the most powerful in the group.

Campaign style games are a unique yet often intimidating genre of boardgame to approach. But Epic Seven Arise is not only a welcoming and approachable game for new players, but a unique and dynamic play for veterans. The game does an excellent job of honouring the importance of team dynamics in adventure anime; understanding the underlying themes of loyalty and friendship which are a huge foundation of the genre. If you’re looking for some strategy, beautiful art, not to mention some amazing world-building, check out Epic Seven Arise at your local Good Games early 2022!

Hamsters vs. Hippos

2-6 players
15 – 30 mins

If you’re looking for the perfect family game, you’ve found it! Hamsters vs. Hippos is a cute, quick, and casual tile flipping game that you’ll be happy to play with kids.

Hamsters vs. Hippos is a press your luck style game where each player is a hamster trying to pluck precious lotus flowers from the hippo pond before they get caught. Take turns moving around the grid and flipping lily pads, gathering as many lotuses as you can. Stay for as long as you want, but beware, the longer you stay the more likely you are to run into a hippo, and let’s just say they’re happy, and hungry, to see you. The whole game is four rounds long, with each round ended once two hamsters have run into hippos. Each round is going to up the stakes though, as more hippos are added to the pond.

Hamsters vs. Hippos runs for 2-6 players making it great for family game night or keeping a few kids to entertained. Not to mention, it’s got a solo mode! Running for 15-30 mins, it’s a great stand-alone game with good replayability, and works as a perfect warm up before settling into some longer games.

Deck of Wonders

1(+) players
15 min

Of all the games coming out next year, this is the one I’m most excited for. Deck of Wonders is an incredible card game, that not only features beautiful art but an exceptionally unique system that promises highly engaging gameplay.

The Deck of Wonders once belonged to fate herself, until you stole it that is. Now Fate is out to get it back, but she isn’t the only one after the incredible artefact. Unlike most mainstream card games, Deck of Wonders is designed to be played solo (but can also be played with friends). This game’s approach to solo play is incredibly refreshing; there’s no compromise on gameplay for the single player, and in fact, adding players doesn’t compromise the games system either, or fall back into default card game play styles. Deck of Wonders is unique and knows how to own it.

Whenever you play, you will build your own deck, but here’s the catch; both you the player and the ‘Villain’ you’re versing draw from the same deck This adds a whole new dimension to deck building. Every card you choose can also be used by your opponent. Each card has a unique ability depending on whether it is you or the villain who draws the card. Be careful building your deck, cause each card is a double-edged sword!

Deck of Wonders is the perfect opportunity to get into a new card game. With no backlog of lore or ever-changing rules, you’ll be on the same page as everyone else. And the creators of Deck of Wonders have developed the game to be approachable for new and veteran players alike, optimizing their game for deckbuilding, random deck generation, and pre-built decks (guides to which are included with the game!).

Deck of Wonders promises to be a dynamic and exciting edition to the table-top gaming world and with new expansions incoming, now is the perfect time to add Deck of Wonders to your wishlist!

All 5 of these awesome games will be arriving at your local Good Games in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled, or put in a preorder so you don’t miss out!