Final War is a 2 to 4-player tactical card game set on Gloren, a world ravaged by the forces of light and darkness. Each player controls a Warlord and 50-card Player Deck that represents their forces, which may be customised and enhanced with randomised Booster Packs.A Fate Deck moderates play and 12 sided dice are used to determine success or failure throughout the game. Choose your champion and join the Final War!

The makers of Final War will be at Good Games stores to teach players how to play, don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to learn this awesome game!

1 December - Epping
3 December - Wollongong
10 December - Town Hall
13 December - Fraser Coast
14 December - Burwood
17 December - Central
18 December - Chatswood
19 December - Bondi Junction
7 January - Melbourne

If you play in the demo, you'll also be able to get the core game for $80 (instead of $90) as well as a free booster!