In 2017, the original Azul by Michael Kiesling introduced us to a simple and supremely satisfying game of tile drafting. In 2019, the third instalment in the Azul series is here.

Sometimes, you just wanna be a Goblin Lord and collect your own clutch of wayward fairies.

...Or is that just me?

Marvel: Champions is a Petri dish of some of my favourite things: Superheroes, co-operative games, strategy and deck-building.

Discover. Explore. Conquer. Engineer. Develop. Build. 

This is your civilisation- it's time to weave your tapestry.

As you can imagine, at Good Games we play an awful lot of games. And while many of them are good, and often better than good, only once in a while do we come across a game that ticks so many boxes.

Medium is one of those games.