Assignments have been handed in, and here are the results!

There’s nothing more I love than a good book… 

Give me libraries, nostalgic smells, and vast literature collections any day. That’s how I feel about playing paper Magic — there’s just something so special about playing MTG face-to-face, offering a world of intricacies its online counterpart, Magic Arena, is unable to match.

We hope you all enjoyed the challenge of Kaldheim Season. We have learnt a lot from this season and have decided to make some changes for Strixhaven Season. Here is how the Season will work with changes from last season noted in bold.

Last week on Jake’s Takes we tipped Killian as the most interesting and exciting Commander from Strixhaven, and this week we’re going to take a deep dive on how to build him and how to play him. 

The full spoiler for Strixhaven, School of Mages is here, and I have never been so excited for school!