It’s time to get weird, my friends! Modern Horizons 2 spoilers are flowing thick and fast and already showing some of the most outright bizarre cards we’ve ever seen.

It’s time to muster your tribal decks, polish your reading spectacles, and don your favourite Thinking Cap, as Modern Horizons 2 is only a few moons away, bringing a raft of jank, flavour, and exciting new mechanics to spice up your trusty casual decks. 

This past weekend, we had a total of fifteen players come for our modern qualifier at The Games Capital!

Pre-constructed decks for Commander are a god-send for new players and anybody who wants a brand new deck without building something from scratch. For those of us who want to push beyond the limits of what comes in the box, it’s important to have some idea of the cards you’ll want to find room for.

Before Modern Horizons 2 spoiler season officially starts, let's take a look back at the impact of the first Modern Horizons, what we could expect in the upcoming set, and the spoilers so far.