Dungeons & Dragons is synonymous with Roleplaying, and rightfully so.

When Arneson and Gygax penned the first books in 1974, it's impossible to know if they thought the hobby would explode in the 80's and then explode again 30 years later.

Walking machines -the pinnacle of industrial marvel-, stalk along the horizon, doing battle with other towering mechs. The sky clouds with floating iron ships, passing ominously above as farmers scythe through the wheat and store the grain to fuel soldiers for the ongoing war.

If you're anything like me, and you've just looked at the above banner with the beautifully painted and painstakingly detailed miniatures, and you're likely lamenting the fact that you'll never be that good.

Ia! Ia!

Good Games stores all around the country have partnered up with our friends at Chaosium Inc. to bring you a series of Call of Cthulhu RPG Starter Set Launch events!

'Do we want to join the Silver Twilight Lodge?'

We knew that it was some sort of cult. We'd assumed they were the bad guys in the game. We thought that we were just gonna have to fight them to thwart their evil plans. Instead, the game asked if we wanted to sign up. So of course, we said yes.