Despite being targeted at a totally different format, Modern Horizons 2 continues to be a complete home run for Commander. The new offerings include tribal legends, long awaited support cards for popular themes, throwbacks to the ‘90s, and even a planeswalker commander! 

Dogecoin? Bitcoin? Ethereum? Never heard of ‘em. Talk to me about a Jeweled Lotus or a foil Brazen Borrower though, and you might just be speaking my investment language. 

Modern Horizons 2 is shaping up to be possibly the most powerful Magic set of all time. At the end of the second week of previews we’re starting to get a more complete picture of the whole set and oh my Scarab God, things are looking exciting.

One of the joys of being a Commander player is that every set, regardless of the intended format, has been designed with you—at least partially—in mind. Like its predecessor, Modern Horizons 2 is no exception and it seems like we’ve been given even more goodies than we were back in 2019. 

With the spoilers for Modern Horizons 2 more than halfway done, let’s have a look through some of the new cards and reprints that will make a splash in Modern upon release.