As you can imagine, at Good Games we play an awful lot of games. And while many of them are good, and often better than good, only once in a while do we come across a game that ticks so many boxes.

Medium is one of those games.

We're here with a quick recap on PAX Australia!

 With PAX hitting Melbourne this past weekend, there was no better way to get hype for Australia's biggest gaming convention than sitting down with Good Games Publishing, and some up and coming tabletop game designers. 

You can hear it breathing. The room is dark, save for the intermittent green blinking of the broken monitor. You can hear it stepping closer. Sweat beads on your forehead. The wrench is heavy, slippery in your grasp.

It hisses, and you scream.

It's already too late.

With winter's chill lifted, and we all try and settle into spring, our heaters are being exchanged for relaxing deck chairs and longer days- and what better way to enjoy the extended period of sunlight than at the gaming table.