Welcome to Constructed Limited Criticism! This week we depart from our scheduled constructed programming to dive into the wonderful world of Strixhaven draft. Whether you are new to drafting, new to Strixhaven, or just looking to get some insight into the format, I hope this article will help you get a leg up on the format.

This past Friday, Good Games Newcastle hosted the first of its qualifiers for the new Strixhaven season of the Good Games Championship.

No one quite knew what to expect of the Strixhaven Class of 2021… 

Come down to the late-night Dina and get yourself some Dina! Only one of those puns is going to make sense, and your mileage will vary based on how you pronounce Dina. But let’s leave orthoepy to the side for the moment, because Dina is just as awesome regardless of whether you think her name rhymes with “diner” or “dinner.”

Let’s go through the breakdown and go through the tips and tricks of the deck that has existed since the inception of Modern: Jund, an original Shard of Alara.