Stuffed Fables

An interview with Jerry Hawthorne, designer of Stuffed Fables

Starfinder and Rob McCreary

Brand Manager Jaime Lawrence speaks with Robert McCreary, Creative Director on Paizo's Starfinder RPG and author of more Pathfinder books than you can shake a Solarian at!

Palaces of Mad King Ludwig

Brand Manager Jaime Lawrence has a talk to superstar designer Ted Alspach about taking Mad King Ludwig from a humble castle to an outrageous palace...

We are incredibly excited to unveil the Ryan Yee art that we commissioned for the Good Games Magic Championship Series! Every player who attends their State Championship (US Championship in the US) will automatically receive this awesome piece on a playmat! We wanted something awesome, with a little Australian whimsy and boy did Ryan deliver!

To get to the State Championship, you need to do well in your store champs and there is still plenty of time to qualify for that. Check out the details and then just head to your local Good Games store!