Goodgames Greensborough Kaldheim Season Qualifier: DRAFT

 Friday, 19 February 2021
 06:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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 MTG - Kaldheim Season Qualifier
Goodgames Greensborough Kaldheim Season Qualifier: DRAFT
GGG Kaldheim Season Qualifier: DRAFT
$30 entry, 3 prize packs added to the prize pool per player. Each player will receive packs based on standings and top 4 people will qualify for the Kaldheim Season CHAMPIONSHIPS in March.
Taking entry from 18:00
Fire at 18:30 strictly on time 
This event is the first of GGG's Kaldheim Season Qualifiers, and also the first of the GGG MtG Store Championships for 2021. Through the Kaldheim Season until the release of the next set, Goodgames Greensborough will be holding six Kaldheim Seasonal Qualifiers, one each week. Coming in the top 4 of any of these qualifiers will grant you a spot in the Kaldheim Season Championships that will be held sometime in late March.
Coming in the top 4 of multiple Seasonal Qualifiers will lead to the qualifying spot being passed down to the next player who has not yet qualified. This means with 4 players qualifying at each Kaldheim Season Qualifier, the Kaldheim Season Championship will have a max of 24 players.

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