FNM Commander Weekly Event

 Friday, 14 August 2020
 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
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 MTG - Commander
FNM Commander Weekly Event

Please read below for weekly, monthly and quartely events.

Entry $15
Prizes - 2 booster per player
1st place in each pod will receive a promo pack. (One random winner will instead receive the Premium Promo Pack)
The additional $1 per player goes into the Piggy Pack to build up the prize pool for our larger events.

Pods of 3-5 players. (players are paired randomly)
1 round per week.

(If you arrive late and the pods have began you won't be able to enter unless there are other late players for us to pair you in a pod with)

The last Friday of each month will be our monthly event.
It will be $15 entry
There will be two rounds of play.
They will be 75 min rounds with the Armageddon Dice coming into play once time is called.
All players will get to choose from a prize table in the order that they placed.

In the event of a draw we will base it off resistance pending on how well the oppenents in your pod scored first round.

Achievement points will be added to keep it fun and casual.

The middle of each quarter we will be hosting a larger more competitive Commander event. We are still to decide if this will be on the Friday evening or a Sunday. Stay tuned for details.
That event will be $25 with a larger prize pool.

What is Commander ?

You do require a DCI number to play in our events.

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