X-Wing 4 Week League

 Thursday, 23 January 2020
 06:45 PM - 09:30 PM
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 Star Wars: X-Wing - League
X-Wing 4 Week League

$10 entry
Prizes at the end of the league for all players.

1 round each week. 

200 point Squadrons.
Wk 1 Hyperspace
Wk 2 Extended 
Wk 3 Hyperspace
Wk 4 Extended

You will be paired up on week one prior to beginning, so please arrive at 6.45pm for a 7pm start. 

Hyperspace has also changed dramatically with lots of upgrades, ships and pilots being removed from the "Hyperspace legal list". Again please verify your hyperspace lists are actually legal for the Hyperspace nights.

Please note however that proxying unreleased ships is not allowed even if we know the ship, upgrade and points. Newly released products can be used if released before weeks 1, 2 or 3. If they are released in the days between week 3 and 4 then they will not be available for use during that final week (to keep the league on a consistent level).

Most 3rd party builders should have already been updated to use the new points and hyperspace restrictions. I don't expect the official builder to be updated until after the 20th (or later) so please either use a good 3rd party builder and verify against the PDF or just use the PDFs.

There have also been updates to the Rules Reference so please make sure you are aware of the change in rules. We will be using them for the entire league as well.

And in the spirit of the rule changes, the league specific token for this league will be tractor tokens :)

New Rules Reference (v1.1.0) -…/b_swzrulesrefer…
Separatist Points -…/onlinepoints_se…
Galactic Republic Points -…/onlinepoints_re…
Rebel Points -…/onlinepoints_re…
Empire Points -…/onlinepoints_ga…
Scum and Villany Points -…/onlinepoints_sc…
Resistance Points -…/onlinepoints_re…
First Order Points -…/onlinepoints_fi…
Generic Upgrade Points -…/onlinepoints_ge…

Good Games Top Ryde City

Level 3, Devlin Street & Blaxland Road
Ryde NSW
(02) 9807 4929

Beginners & younger folk most welcomed!!!