TGC - Theros: Beyond Death Prerelease

 Friday, 17 January 2020
 03:00 PM -
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 MTG - Pre-release
TGC - Theros: Beyond Death Prerelease

Theros: Beyond Death returns us to Theros, a world ruled by the Gods and inspired by Greek Mythology. Elspeth is trapped and must escape to confront Heliod, God of the Sun, who betrayed her and trapped her in the Underworld.

Pre-register here:

Pre-Registration Discount
Pre-register for any events by Monday 13th January to receive the discounted entry fee of $40 per event.

Event Schedule

Friday 17th January
3pm – Sealed $45 – 3 Rounds
7pm – Sealed $45 – 3 Rounds

Saturday 18th January
10am – Sealed $45 – 3 Rounds
2.30pm – Sealed $45 – 3 Rounds
6.30pm – 2 Headed Giant Sealed $45 - 3 Rounds

Sunday 19th January
11am – Sealed $45 – 3 Rounds
3pm – 2 Headed Giant Sealed $45 - 3 Rounds

All players who participate will receive a pre-release pack to build their decks with including six Theros: Beyond Death boosters and a foil promotional card, as well as two prize boosters for attending the event.

All players receive two boosters for attending an event on the day. In addition, for each match you win you will earn TWO prize boosters available to be collected from the Theros, Beyond Death release day on Friday 24th January.

Booster Box Pre-Order Offer
Anyone who has pre-ordered one or more booster box displays of Theros: Beyond Death and has chosen the in-store pick-up option will be able to collect their product from us during the pre-release weekend. This offer only applies to complete booster boxes, not individual boosters, bundles, or planeswalker decks. Buy-a-Box Promos will be given out with one per box, while stocks last.

Open Duelling
For the more casual pre-release experience, purchase one of the Theros: Beyond Death planeswalker decks a week before their release and battle it out with other players during the pre-release.

Pre-Release Play Mat
The Games Capital’s pre-release play-mat returns with Theros: Beyond Death. Pre-order one alongside your event pre-registration for a discounted price of $20 while stocks last.

New Players
Pre-Release events are the best way for new or casual players to meet the greater Magic community and experience the fun and excitement of organised Magic play.

Please be aware that you require a Wizard’s DCI number to play in all Magic the Gathering events at the Games Capital. You can sign up for one here:

You will need to do this before showing up to our event on the day. If you are under the age of thirteen the sign-up process requires a parental permission form to be signed and sent to Wizards via email which takes a while to approve, so please ensure you begin the sign-up process well before the day of the event.

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