TGC - Transformers Constructed

 Sunday, 13 October 2019
 11:30 AM - 04:00 PM
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 Transformers TCG - Tournament
TGC - Transformers Constructed

Welcome players to our Transformers Tournament

Time: Registration opens at 10:30am
Tournament Starts at 11:30am

Format: Transformers TCG Constructed

Sanctioned Transformers has the following ruleset in regards to format legality and sideboarding

The Battle Card Swap Parts (from Waves 1 and 2) is banned from use in Transformers TCG Constructed

6.3 Sideboard Rules
Sideboards can contain 1 character card of 20 stars or fewer and up to 10 battle cards.
• No more than 3 copies of each Battle Card are allowed between a player’s deck and sideboard.
• Duplicate character cards are not allowed between players’ decks and sideboards.
• After sideboarding, decks must be legal.
• After each game in a match, the player who won that game chooses to sideboard a character
first, and declares their team. Then, the player who lost the previous game does the same. Then
both players swap battle cards between their main deck and sideboard simultaneously.
• Players are not required to reveal how many battle cards they have swapped from their main
deck to their sideboard and do not have to swap one for one, but after sideboarding, their
sideboard may not exceed the maximum sideboard size (10 battle cards).

Entry: $15

8 or Less players - everyone will receive Two Transformers Boosters

9 or more players - The top 3 players at the end of the tournament will receive store credit depending on turnout.
Everyone else will receive two Transformers Boosters

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