Fireside Tournament at GGH - Specialist Format!

 Sunday, 18 August 2019
 11:30 AM - 04:30 PM
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 Hearthstone - Fireside Gathering
Fireside Tournament at GGH - Specialist Format!
Come in and enjoy your favourite game in an ALL NEW format to GGH!
Date - Sunday 18th August 2019
Time - 11:30 rego with 12pm start
Entry - $10
Format - Specialist Format - description below.
Prizes - Blizzard Swag, pack codes and more!
Instructions for players preparing for the event -
Please bring your own Laptop/device that has Internet access to play on your own Hearthstone account.
Specialist Best of 3 Format -
Each player will bring 3 decks all using the same class. You will have a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary deck.
Your Secondary and Tertiary deck must contain 25 cards found in the Primary deck, with the remaining 5 cards to be of your choice.
The Primary deck will be the first deck you use to face an opponent each round. After that game is completed you may then choose to use either your Primary, Secondary or Tertiary deck for the second game.
You must tell your opponent the deck you choose, but you are not obliged to show them a decklist.
Repeat this process until a player has won 2 games and they are declared the winner.
Please name the 3 decks you choose to compete with -GGH (Primary, Secondary or Tertiary)
- GGH Primary
- GGH Secondary
- GGH Tertiary
This is a test for the Specialist format so please give us your feedback after the event finishes so we can better your experience at these events!

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