2000pt 40k Tournament - Practice for Cancon!

 Saturday, 12 January 2019
 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM
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 Warhammer - 40,000 Tournament
2000pt 40k Tournament - Practice for Cancon!

Welcome wargarmers to 2019!!!
In Australia, a new year means a series of large tournaments and so our first event is geared to providing practice for the more competiitive side of things while still being a fun tournament in and of itself :)
Cost: $25
Registration: 9am
Round 1 starts: 9.30am
Player Cap: 20
3 swiss 150 minute rounds

You must organise your list into a Battle-Forged Army. In this Battle-Forged Army, you may not select more than 3 Detachments and must not spend more than 2000 points. We ARE using the BETA rules, check the link below for the full details.

# Chapter Approved 2018 points and rules Changes ARE in affect! #

## Following the success of our previous tournaments, we are continuing to trial the option to field Forge World and Lords of War. Be cool, guys and this might become a regular thing ;) ###

If a unit is available in an Index and NOT a Codex, you ARE ALLOWED to use the Index unit. E.g., Codex: Space Marines does not have the option for a Razorback to be equipped with a Lascannon and Twin Plasma Gun, where as the Imperial Index: 1 has this option. You are, therefore, allowed to field the Index Razorback if you wish. 
In ALL OTHER RESPECTS, Codex point values and options take precedent, along with any relevant and up to date FAQs. 
Warlord traits and psychic powers are allowed to be chosen.
Tables: 6'x4'

### Force-lists are ARE required to be submitted by Thursday 10th of January. You can email lists to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ###

* Here is the link the the BIG FAQ 2. We will be using all beta rules to see how they change the game:
Here is a link the the community article/designer notes:

Scenarios will be selected and announced one week out but will be selected from ones in this link:

Come on in, have some fun, play some games!

Good Games Sydney Town Hall

222 Clarence St
Sydney NSW
(02) 9264 8185