MTG: Commander 2018 Release

 Friday, 10 August 2018
 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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 MTG - Commander
MTG: Commander 2018 Release

Commander is a unique and exciting way to play multiplayer Magic, featuring lots of legendary creatures and big, game-changing spells.
Commander (2018 Edition) brings back a very special category of commanders: planeswalkers! Instead of a creature, each deck can be led by a powerful planeswalker and built to take full advantage of their unique abilities.

The new decks are $60 each, or $50 on preorder. The decks will always be $200 to get all 4.

On release day we'll be running casual Commander all day, as well as 4-player pods on demand, either with unchanged 2018 decks or customised decks.

ALL DAY on Demand (4-5 player pods)
Entry: $5
Win a booster per player you eliminate, as well as an extra for winning the pod.

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