Rune Wars team epic encounter event

 Tuesday, 17 April 2018
 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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 Runewars Miniatures Game - Tournament
 Rune Wars team epic encounter event

Date: Tuesday 17th of April
Start: 6:00pm
Format: 300 points Teams (150points each) force, 2 rounds, "Stand off" with "Supply Raid" and "Oblique Formation" with "Seize the Artefacts"
Cost: $10
Prizes: Store credit based on player participation

Hi everyone. Instead of our regular Tuesday night kit comp this month we will be running an epic doubles event. For this event players will form teams of 2 with each player bringing a 150 point army.

This building rules will work the same as a regular game with a few exceptions:

1. Each individual player must stay within faction but each player on a team can play a different faction.

2. Unique cards are 1 per team (if player 1 takes Kari with Fortuna's Dice then player 2 can NOT give Maro Fortuna's Dice).

3. Terrain will be selected by teams (rather than players) but will otherwise work as normal.

4. As all other list building rules remain the same each player can only take a single hero unit (1 per 100 points). This means despite each team having 300 points on the table they will only be able to field 2 heroes.

5. objectives are worth 150% of printed value

In the event that we do not get enough teams to make this a good event we will instead run a standard 2 round kit event. Can players please register their teams by informing either Andrew or Chris. Please post in the event if you are looking for a teammate!

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