Rivals of Ixalan Pre-release 10:30am

 Saturday, 13 January 2018
 10:30 AM - 02:30 PM
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 MTG - Pre-release
Rivals of Ixalan Pre-release 10:30am

"The legendary city of Orazca has been found, but it will not be claimed without a fight. Now, you must outpace, outwit, and overpower your rivals as you vie for control of this ancient metropolis. Succeed, and you will wield the greatest power of the plane."

Come to Good Games Upper Mount Gravatt to celebrate the imminent release of the new Magic: the Gathering set 'Rivals of Ixalan'.

Start time: 10:30am
Entry: $35
Seating Capacity: 56 Players
Preregistration available in store or over the phone.

You'll experience the thrill of opening 'Rivals of Ixalan' cards for the first time with other Magic players who enjoy the game just as much as you. Everything you'll need to play will be provided as part of your entry fee—you simply show up and play!

Prereleases are Sealed Deck format events, where you build a 40-card minimum deck using the contents of a themed Prerelease Pack (4 Rivals of Ixalan boosters, 2 Ixalan boosters and a Premium foil date-stamped promo card) and lands provided by the store.

At the end of the event everyone walks away with 2 more 'Rivals of Ixalan' boosters. Additionally for each round you win you will recieve 2 prize stamps to claim items from a prize wall containing items like snacks, boosters, accessories, etc. For each round you draw you will recieve 1 prize stamp.

Play in multiple events, trade in your 'Rivals of Ixalan' prize boosters (3 stamps per booster) and team up with your friends to claim bigger prizes off the wall.

Prize Wall Examples:
Softdrink/Chips/Chocolate (1 stamp)
Standard Booster (3 stamps)
Planeswalker Deck (9 stamps)
Dragon Shield Sleeves [100] (9 stamps)
Rivals of Ixalan Bundle Preorder (30 stamps)
Rivals of Ixalan Booster Box Preorder (75 stamps)

Come be some of the first in the world to experience Rivals of Ixalan!

Good Games Upper Mount Gravatt

Suite 8, 2012 Logan Road
Upper Mount Gravatt QLD
(07) 3219 2356