Top players by state: IN

1Luiz Henrique C Cavalcanti IN BR 179
2Manuel A Lagmay IN US 152
3Jared Alford IN US 134
4Dan Arbuckle IN US 104
5Josh Bruce IN US 73
6Kevin Bair IN US 70
7Michael L Hall IN US 52
8Brian Tiede IN US 49
9Sean Hall IN US 47
10Corbyn Gray IN US 45
11Maxwell J Ryan IN US 38
12Levi H Sanders IN US 36
13James Grider IN US 36
14Giovanni A Guarnero IN US 32
15Christopher Curtis IN US 31
16Carl Warlick IN US 26
17Josh Day IN US 26
18Donald R Tener IN US 25
19Chad Campbell IN US 22
20Philip England IN US 15
21Adrian Fernandez IN US 15
22Josh Day IN US 13
23Michael J Hawryluk IN US 13
24Connor Lambson IN US 12
25Harrison Dewalt IN US 12
26Paris Reid IN US 10
27Bradley Sachs IN US 9
28Todd Stivers IN US 9
29Adam Kunsemiller IN US 9
30Sean Hall IN US 9
31Dean Waters IN US 9
32Chris Rumler IN US 9
33David Firari IN US 9
34Marcus T Nolan IN US 9
35Kyle Bisdorf IN US 8
36Aline Lopes IN BR 7
37John Davis IN US 7
38Dennis K Gill IN US 7
39Jeff Hawkins IN US 7
40Dan Newland IN US 7
41Nick Hartzel IN US 6
42Peter Altheide IN US 6
43Carlos George IN US 6
44Michael Baumhardt IN US 6
45Aaron D Nulton IN US 6
46Thomas H Foster IN US 6
47James Scott IN US 6
48Chadwick Sorrell IN US 6
49Troy Arbuckle IN US 6
50Eric Mecklenburg IN US 6
51Jack Kinsey IN US 6
52Jordan Riley IN US 6
53Greg Pugh IN US 6
54Riad Ali Hachem IN US 6
55Max B Schafer IN US 6
56Coire Fox IN US 6
57Thomas Utter IN US 6
58Daniel May IN US 6
59Faustine Li IN US 6
60Adam Dillman IN US 6
61Kyle Lang IN US 6
62Caleb Reuter IN US 6
63John M Hayden IN US 6
64Ben Nguyen IN US 6
65Kyle Bisdorf IN US 6
66Robin Eilert IN US 5
67Diana M Cox IN US 4
68Tyler Potts IN US 4
69Miranda Wright IN US 4
70Chris Shilson IN US 3
71Thomas Freestone IN US 3
72Drew Didelot IN US 3
73Andrew L Fowler IN US 3
74Kristen M Davis IN US 3
75Seth Utter IN US 3
76Adam Schwartz IN US 3
77Devin Schwarz IN US 3
78Samuel M Dyer IN US 3
79Rueben Martin IN US 3
80Quentin Haley IN US 3
81Conor Casey IN US 3
82Matthew D Pena IN US 1
83Chris Alexander IN US 1
84Rob Spoon IN US 1
85Alex Mccutcheon IN US 1

Please note that points are subject to subject to variation based on final calculations