CommandFest 2022 – Sydney

25th & 26th June
Petersham Town Hall
107 Crystal St, Petersham NSW 2049

Call to Arms!

Join us in the defence of Baldur’s Gate!
Baldur’s Gate is under attack! Do you and your Adventuring friends have what it takes to save the city from

Gather your friends and assemble your adventuring party in the defence of the city! Lone Wolves are welcome
too! Everybody counts.

Open Play Space

We will have dozens of tables set up for Commander play over the weekend.

Game Tickets

You can purchase game tickets at the venue and you will receive some to start with your entry. These tickets
can be used at game tables to play for Prize Tickets. When players sit at a table, each player provides a game
ticket. When the game ends or the achievements have been met, the table can call for a Judge who will award
the table with Prize Tickets.

Prize Tickets

Prize Tickets will be awarded to players throughout the weekend by Judges. These Prize Tickets can be
redeemed at the Prize Wall for great prizes, like Booster packs, single cards, accessories and other cool items.



Players can dress up as their favourite Baldur’s Gate or Magic personality. Each day we will award a special prize for the best dressed person.

Commander Rules and Resources

Commander is a multi-player format for Magic the Gathering. There are many ways to enjoy this format and here are some websites with resources for you to check out.

The Wizards of the Coast website hosts the official rules to play commander.

mtgcommander site is the unofficial ruling body of the Commander community, community run by Magic experts. Both are great resources.

Deck Building

EDHREC is one of the best resources for fleshing out ideas for your commander and then finding cards to put in that deck

MOXFIELD is a great deck building tool to create a deck list of your cards and also see what other people have built in the past.

Need Some Singles?


Good Games has one of the largest inventories of single Magic cards in Australia. Send in your list and our team can find the cards you need and either post them out or even arrange for you to pick them up at the event or at one of our stores across the country!