Disney Lorcana is coming to Australia on 1 June, so you better BE PREPARED! If you have no idea how to play the game, let me help by explaining one of Lorcana’s key concepts: Ink Colours!

You might have noticed that Lorcana cards come in one of 6 colours. You’ll be using up to two of these colours so it’s important to know what they are, and what they can do!


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Lorcana Ink Colours Amber

Amber is all about keeping your cards safe so you can win together! They keep your cards in tip top shape with healing and protections. If you’re the type of player that loves their cards and hates when they get destroyed, this is the colour for you.

King Louie Jungle VIP
Moana of Motonui Lorcana

Characters like King Louie, Jungle VIP and Rapunzel, Gifted Healer take away damage from your cards while providing you benefits like drawing a card. But it’s not all about peace and harmony in Amber. Just take a look at Moana of Motonui who’s able to get your other princesses ready to respond to your opponent’s moves every time she goes on a quest!

AMETHYST: The Ink of Magic

Lorcana Ink Colours Amethyst

Amethyst is the colour of magic and bold choices. Like magic, a lot of characters in this colour offer big advantages at a slight cost–but it’s totally worth it! Amethyst is where you’ll find a lot of your favourite Disney sorcerers sporting some uncanny abilities!

Elsa, Spirit of Winter can keep your opponent off balance by keeping them… well… Frozen for a turn. Yzma, Scary Beyond All Reason can even get rid of a pesky character at the cost of letting that player draw two cards.

Elsa Spirit of Winter
Yzma Scary Beyond All Reason

With all these amazing magical abilities, Amethyst is shaping up to be my favourite colour yet!

EMERALD: One Jump Ahead

Lorcana Colours Emerald

The colour of the cunning. Emerald cards will give you tons of options to play with, using some of the most cool and savvy characters Disney has to offer. You’ll see them helping out other characters on the field and maybe getting in the way of an opponent’s plans.

That’s why you see the likes of Kuzco, Temperamental Emperor who’s great at keeping himself safe from harm! Whereas Lyle Tiberius Rourke, Cunning Mercenary, can make opponents do things they don’t really want to do, like being too aggressive and then losing their characters.

Kuzco Temperamental
Lyle Rourke

The way I see it, Emerald characters are a sort of skeleton key, a way to change the game and always stay in control!

RUBY: Swift as a Coursing River

Lorcana Colours Ruby

This is the colour of speed. Characters in this colour come out fast and swinging, hoping to win before you even realise what’s happened. But speed isn’t all about aggression. Ruby characters have a lot of cool abilities that force their enemies to play catch up!

Mulan, Enemy of Entanglement is a fun Ruby character who can come out early and get pretty strong fast! We also have Aladdin, Heroic Outlaw, that gets you more Lore (the goal of the game!) while keeping it away from opponents’ clutches.

Aladdin Heroic Outlaw
Mulan Entanglement

Hit hard, hit fast, and don’t let them catch you!

SAPPHIRE: When a Plan Comes Together

Lorcana Colours Sapphire

Sapphire = Strategy. This colour is full of ingenious characters using their brains to win. Whether it’s drawing more cards or getting more resources, Sapphire has cards to help fuel a winning strategy.

Take a look at Mama Odie, Mystical Maven who lets you get more ink (the key resource of Lorcana) when you play song cards. You wouldn’t think of Hades as a strategist, but his ability as an Infernal Schemer is great for getting rid of an enemy character and getting ahead!

Cards here are a tricky bunch but keep your wits! Who needs a sword when you have wits on your side?

STEEL: An Honest Day’s Work

Lorcana Colours Steel

Technically a metal, but I still think Steel is one of the best Lorcana Ink Colours. Why? Because sometimes the best offence is a good defence. Characters in this ink colour have massive Willpower (HP for Pokemon fans, or toughness in Magic). It’s home to some of the biggest guys like Maui, Demigod which makes sense. But it’s also home to Tiana, Celebrating Princess who is good at staying in play for long periods of time.

Maui Demigod
Tiana Celebrating Princess

Yep. Simple, strong, and hard to beat. Big bruisers are always good in any game, but now I get to do it with Maui! “You’re welcome!”


Already know what Lorcana Ink Colours you’re going to love? If you’re as excited as I am to have Lorcana in your life, order your cards right now! We expect these cards to move faster than Ruby, and I will personally move heaven and earth to build a Yzma and Kronk deck. Speaking of which, you can even buy and sell Lorcana singles right here!

I’ll see you fellow Illumineers when Lorcana drops this June!