Looking to play at one of our Lorcana sealed events? Well, before you start sitting down and cracking packs, you’ll need to know the very basics of this format!

Sealed events use a slightly different set of rules from a regular game of Lorcana, so it might be best to learn how to play the base game first! Luckily we’ve broken all of that down over here.

What’s a Lorcana sealed event?

In a nutshell, sealed is a format where you craft a deck using a limited pool of cards, (usually booster packs). You then play against other players who have done the same!

Sealed events can either be Limited or Draft. In Limited, you are given a set number of booster packs in which to craft your deck. In Draft, you and your fellow players each open a pack, take one card, and pass the packs around, repeating until everyone has enough cards for a deck.

(By the way, did you know we have booster boxes in store? They’re perfect for running your own Lorcana sealed events at home!)


Sealed events usually happen when a TCG is releasing a new set (sometimes called a prerelease) making them a great way to play with brand new cards before anyone else.

This format is also great for those into deck brewing. I personally love having a limited time and pool of cards to work with, trying to craft the best possible strategy from what I’ve pulled. Do I really need to put Kronk in my deck, or should I sub him out for Kuzco?

Kuzco Temperamental


In a regular game of Lorcana, you’re usually playing the game with the following:

  • Minimum 60-card deck
  • Maximum of 4 copies per card
  • Maximum of 2 ink colours

However in a Lorcana sealed event, you’ll be given several booster packs to craft your deck with. After opening the packs, you have a certain time limit to make a deck with the following rules:

  • Minimum 40-card deck
  • Any number of copies of a card
  • Any number of ink colours

The rest of the cards you didn’t use are your sideboard–cards that you can use as substitutes for cards in your main deck. You can switch them before each game!

You’ll be matched up against an opponent and go head to head. After the game, you’re paired off with a new opponent, and keep going until you’ve played all the rounds.

Rules may be slightly different at each event, so make sure to check in with your local store!


Lorcana is designed in a way that anybody can walk up and play with these cards. However, I do want to leave you with useful tips for making your decks, getting some wins, and just enjoying yourself!


TCG deck building is both science and art. First off, you’ll want to decide what you want your deck to do after seeing all the cards. Are you using Ruby characters to get Lore fast, or using Steel and Sapphire to strategize and defend?

Read more about Ink Colours and what they do on our blog!

Lorcana Ink Colours Banner

Go for the curve

From there, I suggest organizing your cards by ink cost and trying to build a curve. Have more of your cards on the lower end (that way you can play something in the early turns) and have a small amount of big cards (ways to win the game if it goes long). I recommend having the peak of your curve be in the 3-4 ink cost range. This set up will generally let you have a card to play every turn.

Here’s what that can look like:

Don’t forget to bring your own card sleeves to protect your cards while playing with them!


In every TCG, you never want to just let your opponent do whatever they want. Lorcana already has the challenge mechanic for stopping questing characters, but you need other ways to respond. Right away, you want to put in cards that have the word banish in their ability text to deal with your opponent’s threats!

drawing cards = good

The more cards you draw, the better. Thankfully, many cards in Lorcana have an ability that lets you either get more cards in your hand or filter out cards by drawing and then discarding what you don’t need.

Improvise Lorcana


For the best chance of success, I recommend familiarising yourself with the cards you might be seeing.

The event’s organizer will often let players know beforehand what kind of booster packs they’ll use, meaning you can look up for yourself what cards are in that set.

In a Limited Sealed environment, you’ll get 6 packs with 12 cards equalling to 72 cards in total. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for reading!


Win or lose, a Lorcana sealed event is all about having fun with the cards and the players you’re with! Stay loose, don’t take any losses personally, and win graciously. Other than that, have fun Illumineer!

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