D&D Bookshelf | Before You Buy: Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse has been the subject of much excitement and anticipation this past year and at long last, it’s hitting Good Games shelves! Containing a setting guide, monster compendium, and pre-written campaign (plus a map and DM screen), this resurrection of the beloved Planescape setting is everything you’ve been waiting for!

But to the non-initiated, what is Planescape?

Those who started playing Dungeons and Dragons in its current edition might be unfamiliar, but Planescape is one of the most popular official settings, first released for Advanced D&D in 1994. The setting involves an entire Cosmological structure and is full to the brim with incredible environments, stories, and characters.

Planescape is incredibly popular for a good reason – any DM looking for an engaging setting won’t go amiss investing in this bundle. The books are jam-packed with fascinating descriptions and encounters, on top of engaging lore, making this a perfect grab for anyone wanting to know more about the worlds of D&D or seeking inspiration for an awesome new character. There’s also the nostalgia factor; if you’ve even glanced at the original Planescape setting before, you’ll want to check out how they’ve brought it into 5th edition – it’s well worth it.

In this article, we’re going to cover what each book includes and why it’s an absolute must have for your D&D shelf, so if you’re on the fence or keen for a sneak peek, read on. There are plenty of exciting new backgrounds, feats, spells, creatures, and characters to meet in the Multiverse!


  • Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse contains everything a Dungeon Master needs to run adventures and campaigns set in Sigil and the Outlands, as well as new options for players who want to create characters prepared to explore the planes.

Sigil and the Outlands

The first book in the set covers the most famous location in all of Planescape, Sigil. Also known as ‘The City of Doors’, Sigil is the very epicenter of the Planar system, acting as a hub for trade, communication, and travel. The iconic city is known for its gritty but enthralling atmosphere and is narratively rich enough to be the focus of a whole campaign. Built on the inside of a donut shaped structure, floating at the peak of a spire, Sigil is bordered by a series of towns, each protecting a portal leading to one of the Outer Planes. The sourcebook is worth it alone for its portrayal of the renowned ‘Lady of Pain’ (my favourite D&D Deity)! However, this is only the very tip of the iceberg; Sigil and the Outlands is full of endlessly fascinating locations, overflowing with environments and storytelling potential.

On top of all this wonderful environmental design, this book contains some new character options, including a handful of backgrounds, feats, and even some new spells! The inspiration this book provides for character creation and backstories is truly impressive. Each chapter explores the captivating lifestyles of the people in this world, revealing insights into factions, wards, and communities, which can be used to create or inspire your next character! This setting guide by itself makes the Planescape set a great buy, as it’s perfect for players looking to enrich their role-playing experience and immerse themselves in a magical world that’s been developing for decades!

Morte’s Planar Parade

This multiversal menagerie adds an exciting mix of monsters to the D&D canon with variants of some classic creatures as well as some new ones altogether! 

At the very beginning of the book is a list of Planar Influences, an addition I’m very excited to see. This section describes how different creatures may be influenced by the magical forces of the Plane they’re living on. For example, creatures from Gehenna may sap Hit Points from healing spells used on other creatures, or those from Mechanus may be unable to fall below 1 HP from Lightning damage. There’re a wide variety of abilities covered in this section; well worth a look for DMs wanting to spice up their monsters. This is a super interesting addition which hasn’t really been covered before, and opens up many possibilities for a party traveling through planes!

Then, we have the Stat Blocks. From Blights to Doom Lords to Knowledge Eaters, this archive covers some fantastic creatures! I’m particularly excited by Time Dragons (aging adventurers with their breath weapon), Planar Incarnates (sections of the Planes that come to life), and the Rilmani (balance keepers made of living metal). However, I hold a special spot for the Cranium Rats! These little guys are a core oddity to life on Sigil and are a fun addition to any game. Sharing a telepathic bond, Cranium Rats grow more intelligent based on how many are in their swarm, reaching and surpassing that of a humanoid!

These creatures just touch the surface of the Planar Parade. If you want to see expanded variants for some of your favourite creatures, explore brilliant battle-fodder, or look at stat blocks  to be inspired by, you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy for yourself.

Turn of Fortune’s Wheel

Our next book, Turn of Fortune’s Wheel, is a pre-written campaign covering levels 3 to 10. If you’re looking to leap into the world of Planescape or integrate some weirdness into your own campaign, this is the perfect resource!.

Basically, something has gone horribly wrong for your party and the Outlands, so it’s up to you to unravel the mystery before all is lost. Modrons, Mafia, and Morgues – this campaign has it all! Covering iconic locations in both Sigil and its surrounding towns, Turn of Fortune’s Wheel is a fantastic experience for those seeking a tour of this beloved setting. It covers a dynamic range of locations, several fascinating encounters, and introduces a character system like nothing I’ve seen before. No spoilers, but it’s game-changing!

The layout of the campaign allows many of the settings and encounters to be transferred to pre-existing games too! A town on the edge of the Outlands can easily be placed in your original game, or Fortune’s Wheel Casino could be placed in your capital city. The elements explored in this story are great sources of inspiration and are sure to fit perfectly in your ongoing game if you don’t want to change up the tone of your campaign that heavily.

There’s much I could say about this campaign, but I’ll stop before I spoil too much. I highly recommend you try this one out yourself. Whether it’s a gift for your DM or you’re keen to throw your hat in the ring yourself and get behind the DM screen, this game isn’t one you’ll want to miss.

Closing Thoughts

Having updated lore and stats for Planescape is unspeakably exciting and I’m pleased to say it’s lived up to the hype. For DMs and players alike, this extensive set has a lot to offer and plenty to sink your teeth into. If you love to DM but worldbuilding isn’t your strong suit, this setting has decades of lore for you to work with. If you’re keen to learn what all the Planescape excitement is about, you no longer need to rifle through the jargon of older editions; Adventures in the Multiverse is in-depth but user-friendly. If you’re looking to make a character like none you’ve seen before, touched by the farthest points of the planes, this set is the inspiration board you’ve been waiting for. Finally, for my fellow fans of Planescape, trust me when I say that it’s an absolute joy to see the setting we love given new life.

There’s something in this collection for everyone, and it’s available on our online store or at your local Good Games.

Good Journey, Adventurer!

– Alyshia