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Trading Hours

Monday: 1:00pm - 8:00pm 
Tuesday: 12:00pm - Late
Wednesday: 12:00pm - Late
Thursday: 12:00pm - Late
Friday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

* please note opening & closing times may vary if special events are being held.


 MTG players we have a awesome prize pool up for grabs tomorrow evening.

1st place - Foil Full Art Cryptic Command 
2nd place - Avacyn Restored or Return To Ravnica Fatpack.
3rd-8th place - Free Thursday draft or 2 boosters
Every one else receives a booster.

1st place - Khans Fatpack or Commander Deck
2nd place- Holiday Gift Box
3rd-8th place - Free Thursday draft or two boosters
Every one else receives a booster.Both flight 1st-2nd and two random players in each flight also receive the FNM promo.


If you would like to learn to play a simple,easy fun game, then join us Saturday 22nd from 3.30pm. 

Fluxx is a card game in which the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game. By playing cards, you change numerous aspects of the game: how to draw cards, how to play cards, and even how to win.

At the start of the game, each player holds three cards and on a turn a player draws one card, then plays one card. By playing cards, you can put new rules into play that change numerous aspects of the game: how many cards to draw or play, how many cards you can hold in hand or keep on the table in front of you, and (most importantly) how to win the game.

All participants can purchase any Fluxx games on the day at 10% off the RRP.



 Thursday Drafts 

5pm, 6pm, 7pm

Call us and put your name on the list.


Good Games Burwood is happy to present Summer Blitz Bonanza. 
Welcome to our Summer of Blitz, which means new events, more events, store open days, learn to play days and heaps of fun. Free give aways, weekly spot specials we have something happening for all.
Below is a list of new events which will begin from November 1st.  If any events or games interest you and you would like to learn to play, call us up for more inform. Or just turn up on one of the learn to play days.
Remember to check the store calendar, call the store or check Facebook for more events which will go up weekly.
It is going to be a great few months in store and we aim to give you as much to do and as much fun as possible.
It all begins from Sunday November 1st - Saturday Jan 31st.
AFTER SCHOOL CLUB  Mon-Fri  3pm – 6pm
Come in and learn to play Yugioh, Pokemon, MTG, board games or Heroclix.  Join us for an afternoon of fun. We will also be playing the Adventure Time Card  Game.
Movie of the afternoon will also be on the TV. 
6pm – Learn to play Super Hero board games. DC Deckbuilding, Marvel Legendary, Streetfighter etc. 
1st & 2nd  Monday  of the month – Kros Master Arena $10 entry prizes for all players.
3rd & 4th Monday  of the month – King of New York  $10  One player will win a copy of the game. 
Tuesday – from 6pm
1st & 3rd  Tuesday of the month – A Game Of Thrones LCG  $5 entry (prizes from the games night kit)
2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month – Doom Town Reloaded $5 entry (prizes from the games night kit)
Casual board games – hang out and learn a new game.
MTG Standard 4pm & 6pm
$7 entry all players receive a booster plus promo cards, 1st place receives 2 boosters.
Wednesday – from 6pm
D&D Encounters/Adventures League 
Free tables for RPG players
1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month – Warhammer 40k: Conquest LCG  ($5 entry prizes for all) 7.30pm
2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month – Lord Of The Rings LCG ($5 entry prizes for all) 7.30pm
Prizes for the LCG games are from the Games Night Kits.
Thursday – from 6pm
1st & 3rd Thursday of the month – Heroclix
Warmachine weekly events.
MTG drafts 5pm,6pm,7pm $16 entry
Players can bring their own packs or make repacks for us & draft for free.
MTG – Friday Afternoon Standard 4pm $7 
1st place receives free entry into the 7pm flight
All players receive one booster and promos.
FNM – 7pm
1st Friday – Standard – Casual/Competitive $10 entry
2nd & 3rd Friday – Standard or Modern $10 entry
4th Friday – Standard – Massive monthly event one huge flight $15 entry pick your prize.
• If there is a 5th Friday we repeat week one of the month.
10am – Last Saturday of the month Pathfinder RPG Society 
11am – Yugioh – Juniors/Opens $10 entry varied prizes.
11am – 4th Saturday of the month Opens Massive Monthly Event $15 entry
11.30am – Buddy Fight Free play, promos for everyone whom participates.
12.30pm – Vanguard $5 entry - 1st place receives 2 boosters, all players receive one booster plus promos.
1.30pm – Free play for Adventure Time Card Game, join us for some fun games. 
2pm – Call of Cthulhu Monthly Event $5 entry Games Night Kit as prizes. Check store page for dates.
2pm – 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month Star Wars LCG $5 entry Games Night Kit as prizes. Check store page for dates.
2.30pm – My Little Pony CCG Weekly $10 entry prizes for all players.
3pm – Join us for a learn to play demo (this will begin from Nov 15th) check store page for demo game of the week.
12pm – Pokemon  Opens event $10 entry prizes for all players. 
12pm – Pokemon Juniors Under 13’s casual play free entry promo cards & badges as prizes.
12pm – Pokemon Unlimited Format (Black & White onwards) $10 entry prizes for all players. (4th Sunday of the month only)
12.30pm – Heroclix 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month check store calendar for details  
12pm – MTG Commander League $10 entry (check store calendar for details)


Games Workshop fans, as promised last week we have a deal beginning today for you all. 
As you know we already take 10% off the Games Workshop RRP. For the next 7 days (ends Nov 20th)  we are taking a further 10% off all Games Workshop products, including paints, accessories & new releases. 
It is only while stocks last, and only includes stock on our shelves. No refund or exchange on discounted items. No further discounts apply. 
Come in while stocks last.