Level 1, 195a Burwood Rd
Burwood, NSW 2134
(02) 9715 3229
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Trading Hours

Monday: 1:00pm - 8:00pm 
Tuesday: 12:00pm - Late
Wednesday: 12:00pm - Late
Thursday: 12:00pm - Late
Friday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

* please note opening & closing times may vary if special events are being held.

School Holiday events are on the calender below, check it out to find the date for your event.

Check our calender below for Monday & Tuesday Board Game evening events.
Thursday MTG drafts on again from 4pm. 
Keep an eye out for exciting changes coming in October. 
 Need singles for FNM? Have singles to sell? 
Bring your collections in any time and we will purchase them. Need cards email us a list and we will prepare them for you. Singles for FNM place your order by Wednesday evening atthe latest so we can source them for you.

 Daily Deals For October
Monday Madness - Hanging with friends Deal $10 ( 600 ml drink, 45g chips, 40g chocolate bar, Sml Ben & Jerry Tub, small lollies) ( I am going to make up some small lolly bags kind of like the corner store)

Terrific Tuesday - $15 ( entry to board games or Trivia event, can of drink, 45g chips, 40g chocolate bar, lollies)Wacky

Wednesday Deal - $25 ( D&D/Pathfinder Mini, 600 ml drink, 45g chips, 40g chocolate bar ) or $15 ( Dice Set, Dice Bag, can of drink, 45g chips) 

Trio Thursday
Warmachine $10-$70 receive 5% off, spend $70 or more and receive 10% off.
MTG Draft - $20 ( Draft set, can of drink, 45g chips, 40g chocolate bar)
Heroclix - All single figure boosters $3 each, excludes Guardians of the Galaxy & Dead Pool.

Fantastic Friday - FNM entry, 600ml drink, 45g chips, 40g chocolate bar all for $15. (excludes massive monthly event)We also have 50% off all D&D 4th edition & Dark Hersey RPG (while stocks last no further discounts)