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Latest News

  • Good Games Gosford

    GosfordGood Games Gosford was one of the first gaming stores to open in their region. 6 years on,  they are still going great with a community that backs them up 100% 

    After being in a shop that can fit only 40 gamers at most, they bid farewell and welcome a new beginning...

    Good Games Gosford have relocated to 170 Mann Street Gosford which is only 25 metres away from the old store. It is closer to the station, have more retail space, a dedicated Role Playing room, have an increased seating capacity of easily 150 gamers and of course, a level 2 which acts as the miniatures space with permanant terrain set up. 

    Damian and Anastasia are both frilled and welcome your patronage!

    Please come in and say hi =)




  • Good Games Gold Coast

    Welcome our new addition to the ever so large family, Good Games Gold Coast. Gold Coast

    Damien and Shaine have been apart of the gaming community since forver. 

    Please support them just have you have supported us over these past 8 years! =)




  • TAL: An Unexpected Journey

    A few weeks back, we went out to demo games at a very unexpected place - TAL Insurance. TAL-81
    TAL Insurance is a company with well over 1000+ employees and offices in almost every state. 
    What was the occasion? Within the company, they had a gaming faculty of around 30 people, 4 being quite hard core gamers and so the notion to have a Pre-Christmas bash came up from Lucas, the big boss and Derek, the organizer.  
    We set out with a budget which provided us with 20 board games, most from our board game library, some demo posters, a few banners, 6 volunteers, a photographer and two staff.
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  • Its Child's Play...

    Hello everyone, Childs Play

    Every year, Good Games holds a fund raiser for Child's Play, "a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in our network of over 70 hospitals worldwide." 

    This year we've decided to run a Magic tournament at our Burwood branch, all proceeds will be given to Child's Play to build a better future for the less fortunate. 

    The event will provide coffee and brownies as well as other little nibbles for a gold coin donation. 

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  • PAX 2014. Done and dusted...

    PAX is officially over! 13 PAXaus scale

    We would like to thank all the personnel and fans who made this happen. Undeniably, the best convention 2014 has seen - we are looking forward to what 2015 will bring. 

    We had the oppurtunity to have a good wonder around the massive halls and snap some amazing people cosplaying.

    Click on the link to see more:

    See you all in 2015! 

  • Live Dungeons and Dragons Experience!


    At Pax Australia this year, be sure to take part in the Live Dungeons and Dragons experience!   With swords and spells, defeat the undead to win honour and ultimate glory - and some cool loot along the way.

    Warriors, clerics, and thieves - bring your friends to team up and conquer in this live action adventure.  Demos of the newly released Dungeons and Dragons will also be continually available onsite.

    For more information regarding the schedule, please contact via

    See you all there!