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Codenames: An Honest Review

Kenny Codenames

Honest Review is a series done by Kenny Nguyen on his blog. Go check out his Codenames review!

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  • A Blog For The Beginners of D&D Part 1: Please Enter

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    Mystical creatures and fantasy stories. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to D&D. 10 years ago I enjoyed a good game of D&D with friends, I stopped playing unfortunately and have wanted to start a new adventure ever since. After having two beautiful daughters, becoming a wife and stay at home mother, I have decided to start playing again. I wanted to start a blog documenting my journey as a beginner, who is entering the world of D&D once again.

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  • 5 Boardgame House Rules

    HouseRules 10

    So maybe some games are starting to get on and there isn't any expansions...or any more expansions, for you do grab and stick in the game to spice it back up.

    Maybe you're just looking to amp up a game in general.

    Well here are 5 house rules that can do just that, and can carry over into multiple games, with a little tweaking.

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  • America, we are coming!

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    You may have seen this announcement on ICV2:

    As you probably know, Good Games started out nearly 10 years ago with two gamers opening a small game shop near Central Station in Sydney. People liked what we did so we opened more. Over the years we really enjoyed helping the Australian gaming community grow and have grown alongside that community. Last year we realized another dream and started our own games publishing company. Our first title, ‘Monstrous’ will hit the shelves soon – Watch out for it!

    Now it’s time for another adventure

    We are off to discover America!

    We hope to have our first store opened up in the next few months and then we’ll take it from there. To the players and customers who have got us this far, thank you. To the players and customers we are yet to meet: See you soon.  

  • Essential Board Games


    Boardgames is a big world. If you're new, it can be very overwhelming. Aside from Monopoly and Cluedo, stepping into a game shop that has all these highly acclaimed can be a little hard to know where to start.

    One person says one game, another says something else. Boardgames are very subjective and not everyone will like the same game. Furthermore not everyone wants to play certain games, or engage in head-to-head combat with other players.

    Here is a list of games that has been hard to title this article for. Finally feeling at rest with calling them "Essential Games", but also uneasy, because it sounds like you need all of them. To be very upfront, you don't. But if you were wondering what games to try or where you should start, these games are the "essential" place to start. There are more we could add to this list, but I also didn't want to overwhelm the short list I wanted it to be.

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  • 5 Great Co-Op Games

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    There are many games out there that, instead of pitting everyone against one another, they aim for you to band together and beat the board game! While there are many out there, here are a few I would like to highlight!

    Whether you are looking for something to use at the next corporate meetup for team building exercises, or if you're looking to play something to bring the family together, co-operative games are some of the best ways to do this.

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  • Star Wars Games

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    December is decidedly the Month of the Force. And running with that theme here are some awesome Star Wars related games to take home and choose your side of the force.

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